Monday, March 3, 2014


It’s a new year and a fresh batch of new games is swarming into your local GameStop. Recently, a new game has emerged itself from the shadows after a decade of being absent. This new game is titled Thief, a first-person stealth game where you portray as Garrett, a master thief living in steampunk version of the Victorian Age.
To be completely honest, I’ve never played any of the previous games, but apparently it’s alright. The developers state that it is not a sequel or prequel, but a reboot to the franchise. A fresh new start so newcomers can get involved with its story and gameplay.
So what makes this game stand out among others? First off, it is a first-person stealth game that greatly requires the player to avoid your enemies and sneak through the shadows as quietly as possible. Well that’s no different than any other stealth game I’ve played. But it’s a stealth game that is choice-given, meaning there are numerous paths and approaches to move on during your gameplay. You can also go about use the environment to your advantage in order to steal from anyone without being detected.
Stealth games are not usually my kind of forte, but judging by what this game offers, the compelling story, and unique design and texture of the game really gets me interested to see more about what makes this series such a cult classic. I’d say if you’re into stealth games this is for you.

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