Monday, March 3, 2014

Zombies and the Big Bad Wolf

I am a big fan of Telltale Games. They manage to create fun episodic games with very compelling stories, great characters, and very witty dialogue. But the only two things manage to top my love for Telltale is my undying obsession of two long running graphic novels series: The Walking Dead and Fables. So imagine my overwhelming joy to see them both put together.
Telltale Games gives us The Walking Dead Season 2 and The Wolf Among Us, two episodic games based on critically-acclaimed graphic novels with a wide scale of interesting characters and decisions that affect the outcome of the story. Season 2 is the sequel to the Game of the Year winning game The Walking Dead, continuing a year and a half after the first game. This time you play as Clementine as you struggle to survive in zombie-infested world. In this game, you really experience the hardships of a child trying to survive, lost and alone in a world where death lurks around every corner. Like the first game, you press the buttons on your console or keyboard to make sure the zombies don’t take a bite out of you, and share interesting conversations with members of the group that will determine if they like you or want to punch your face. Each decision you make in the game will greatly affect events in future episodes as well as the interactions between you and your company.
In The Wolf Among Us, you play as Bigby Wolf, aka the big bad wolf, as you investigate a murder that has taken place in Fabletown, a large community set to hide fable characters among the humans. This game features many classic characters from different fairy tales you grew up with such as Snow White, The Woodsman, and one of the Three Little Pigs. Much like the Walking Dead, you press certain buttons in order to keep yourself alive as well as world changing decisions that affect the game and your interactions with other characters.

Both games are coming out in a series of five episodes for each of the following months. These games are a worth-while experience to be held. If you’re into games with great story-telling, spectacular writing, and a cast of amazing characters then these are definitely your kind of games.

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