Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Day in the Life of Gamers For Service

     Nerf darts whistle through the cold air as zombies chase the last remaining humans across the quad. The humans have fought, died, been brought back to life, gone through six missions, and now, the end is near. For one week every semester, the Mines campus is transformed into an apocalyptic wasteland filled with the undead. Human players wielding Nerf guns set out to complete the objectives they need to survive. However, these people aren't fighting for the whole human race. They are fighting for children in need.
     The $5 charge for playing Humans vs. Zombies goes to Child’s Play, an international charity that funds toy drives for children across the US. Humans vs. Zombies is an event put on by the campus organization Gamers for Service. GFS puts on games and events with the purpose of raising money for several different non-profit groups, including the American Heart Association, Susan G. Komen, and Ronald McDonald House. This semester’s HvZ outing netted over $900 in donation money.
     Even more donations came on November 2nd, when Gamers for Service hosted Extra Life, a world-wide event where participants play games for 25 consecutive hours. The donations come in the form of sponsorships. Players raised their own money and contributed it to the total, which will also go to Child’s Play. Nearly $400 was raised before Extra Life even started. Games that GFS has done in the past include Assassins, Muggle Quidditch, and dodgeball.
     The organization has held two or three events a semester since 2010. Every Tuesday at 8:30 PM, the group gathers in the Hardrock room to plan the next fun occasion. Rest assured, as long as there are bored college students and Nerf guns, Gamers for Service will continue raising money for charities everywhere and bored college students will not be so bored anymore. Everybody wins.

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