Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Day in the Life of the Cosplay Club

Rumors have been murmured of a new super elite club that is growing on campus, a club that one can only join if found fit and invited via a blood written letter slipped beneath your doorframe. Rumors like these were of course far too tempting not to investigate. While I was investigating this super-secret society I stumbled upon the Cosplay Club. Like this rumored group of hooded monks the Cosplay Club is brand new, but that’s about where the similarities end. Unlike the monks who venture forth only at night to perform great feats of magic upon the quad the Cosplay Club accepts everyone. For those who have never heard of this hobby don’t search for it on google because all you will find is the worst (which is possibly illegal) and the best (which is also possibly illegal) of what Cosplay has to offer. Instead imagine this: every one of your favorite video game, book, anime, or movie characters going out to a convention of sorts to do whatever awesome fictional characters do together, except that one of them is you. Now this explanation isn’t necessarily true but is what you feel as you go out to Cosplay. So of course after this explanation I discarded the bloody letter which had appeared from under my door and immediately set out to discover what Cosplay really is. Cosplay it turns out is really just you and a bunch of friends going out and having some of the best fun possible while being costumed as your favorite fictional character kind of like Halloween, but all the time. I was flabbergasted. Of course this club is new and has to resolve a few kinks. Such as what conventions should we attend; how much material will we provide members; how large should the dues be; and most importantly where should we hide our hooded robes when the general public comes around. The idea of the club is sound though. It is a place for nerdy, artistic students to get together and dream up some of the wildest designs, then build and show off those designs in a friendly and helpful setting. Now whether this is for you or not is a question to answer for yourself. I for one am ecstatic to see a spark of school-run, artistic light shine through the daily trials of science and math classes. I look forward to seeing where this club goes in a couple of months and how it holds up. Now I must attend to my second order of duty; where best to hide my new hooded robe.

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