Thursday, November 7, 2013

Storm Atlas Damages Campus

Although talking about the weather is one of today’s great conversation starters, there are times when the irregular behavior of the climate can spark some rather memorable dialogues.  Storm Atlas is no exception to this rule, as the record-breaking amount of snow caused a rather significant impact both on campus and in the surrounding area.  While the first snow has already come and gone, its damage is still visible immediately upon stepping outside.  
Most obvious are the places where trees used to stand or roofs that have now collapsed, “During the storm, we unfortunately lost the internet, which made our lives as teenagers very difficult,” says student Trevor Kasprzyk.  
Volunteers are still sought to help with cleanup, as the elderly and disabled still struggle from this unexpected storm, and on campus, the student senate is considering the possibility of organizing a tree-planting event for Earth Day this upcoming year.  Ultimately, regardless of the fact that power has returned to our homes and we have a temporary reprieve from the snow, Storm Atlas has and will continue to influence our campus by providing a cause and opportunity for cooperation with the surrounding community.

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