Thursday, November 7, 2013

What’s new About Pokémon X and Y

Probably the biggest gaming news this October was the release of Pokémon X and Y, and this has brought some new huge changes to the world of Pokémon. For competitive players these changes are huge, old Pokémon have new abilities, weather teams have become severely handicapped, and there are even some reports on Pokémon having their base stats changed. Competitive players should read no further, because this article is not aimed at you. You probably already own the game and even may have gone to the midnight release so that you could play well into the wee hours of the night to be one of the first to discover the new wonders of Kalos. Instead this article is for those who, like me, are on the fence unsure of whether or not to buy into this game which in your mind is likely to be the same as the last four games, and you are kind of right. X and Y still have you travelling the region collecting Pokémon and battling trainers as you move through gyms, defeat an evil team of some nature (Team Flare in this case), and finally combat the elite four, beyond this though the game is surprisingly different. First off the game is harder, much harder, enemy trainers are now smart they base attacks off of your type, switch out Pokémon as needed, and oh yeah normally have Pokémon five to six levels higher than yours. “Five levels is nothing” was my thought as I walked into the second gym and was promptly decimated in the first battle, and that wasn’t the only time either, I would be destroyed left and right by random trainers on the street. Gone are the days when you could breeze through the game without using a single item, now you have to play smart, switch out when required and use the stat effecting moves you never even used before, just to come out barely on top. While a tougher game was enjoyably unexpected it wasn’t enough crunch to get me excited, what did give enough crunch though was the gimmicks. I know weird why would a gimmick be exciting, I remember when I got Pearl with the pokewalker, that was cool I could strut around with a pokeball on my belt like a real trainer, but it was a gimmick that’s the excitement I’m talking about. In X and Y you can customize your clothes, eat at cafes and stay in hotels, your Pokémon can Mega evolve, you can access the friend safari (Spoilers if I say too much more, but trust me it’s awesome just make sure to get some friends), and don’t even get me started on the ability to walk in eight directions. Ok, so that last one was kind of the joke, but the point is they have added fluff maybe not as much as say Skyrim with its thousands of locations and side quests, but it’s there. Now, this is the point of the review where I would be saying that if you’re on the fence you should buy the game, but I hate that part of the review, I am not you and I don’t know what goes on in your head. If you like the idea of a harder game, and clothing customization then I think you have already decided and my words of encouragement will make no difference. I will leave you with this then whether you play or not remember that some of the most basic games can be the most fun, and I hope to find you via street pass one day

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