Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Letter from President Raysby

Dear students,

As you all may know I am your Student Association President. My hometown is Chancellor, South Dakota and this is my 3rd year here at South Dakota Mines and I am majoring in Geological Engineering. The Student Association Vice President is Alec Matteo Knox, a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student from New Richmond, Wisconsin.

We, as a senate, are very excited to see the Wellness Center expansion completed by April of 2015. This project has been broken into two different phases. The first phase of the Wellness Center expansion will be completed in the latter part of January. This phase includes the addition of two regulation basketball courts, one having all wood floors, and the other being all purpose flooring. The final phase of the Wellness Center will be hopefully completed in late April. I know that there are students off and on campus that are frustrated with our current weight room. I would ask that you please fill out some upcoming surveys, so that we can hopefully find solutions for this problem. We are looking forward to have the students’ vision come true!

One project that is up and coming is the expansion of the Student Surbeck Center. We are very excited to get the ball rolling on this project. We will be working very hard to make sure that the plans are geared towards benefitting the students.

Another topic that the Senate is focusing on this year is reaching out more to our constituents. Our student senators are working hard to gain the opinions and concerns of our student body. We are here to serve.

Our Senate office is located in lower Surbeck near SALC. Also our weekly senate meetings are every Wednesday at 5:30 pm in the Bump Lounge in upper Surbeck.

Your Freshman Class Senators are: Ariana Lopez, AJ Videckis, Gina Elmore, Anthony Wright, and Marcus McKinney.

Your Sophomore Class Senators are: Nicole VanDerWolde, Alexander Spilman, Claire Peavey, Yanlin Li, and Taylor Evens.

Your Junior Class Senators are: Alexander Muchow, Caleb Childers, Gina Rossi, Tait Earney, and Tyler Rust.

Your Senior Class Senators are: Chance Costello, Michael Leopold, Heather Goka, Kaitlyn Mahlik and Mohamed Hakeem Mohamed Nizar.

Your International Senator is Rohit Dulal.

Your Non Traditional Senator is Claudia Fiegelman.

Your Graduate Senator is Andrew Pedersen.

Thank you and have a great semester! And go HARDROCKERS!

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