Thursday, October 23, 2014

J. C. Christensen Opinion

Dear Editor,

As the only veteran in this year's South Dakota US Senate Race, former and future senator Larry Pressler, recognizes that the US is involved in fighting wars for others who should be resolving their own conflicts.

Saudi Arabia and the other oil rich Middle East countries don't involve their militaries and their trillions of dollars in other Middle East countries such as Iraq and Syria. Why is it always the US losing its soldiers and treasure? And unbelievably, while we are wasting money on these wars, money that could be reducing the national debt, congress wants to raise student loan interest rates.

This attitude on wasteful military expeditions, the nation debt, and student loan interest rates is that of South Dakota farm boy, USD and two-time Harvard graduate, Rhodes Scholar, Larry Pressler A two-tour veteran of Vietnam.

He knows military waste.

J. C. Christensen

Dear Mr. Christensen,

I truly appreciate your input on this issue. And if you have served yourself, I thank you for your service.

I couldn’t agree with you more on wasteful spending normally, but looking at the other side of the issue makes me suggest that you look at the common denominator in this issue and that is regarding oil.

I loath the idea of big government and fighting wars that aren’t ours as much as I’m sure you do, but I don’t know if I’m quite ready for $6/gallon gas if we decide to let the Middle East deal with itself or in a more extreme case, a third world war erupting from Middle East and forcing the US to get involved anyway.

The reason I say $6/gallon gas (in South Dakota) would be how oil dependent this country is and how timid it is to use its own resources which from my understanding we have a bountiful of. I think you and I can agree that at the root of this issue is the federal government and if Larry Pressler is elected now or in the future, then he can help eliminate wasteful spending.

Dustin Johnson

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