Thursday, October 23, 2014

Anonymous Opinion

Dear Editor,

I was a freshman last year and I remember that, although not spectacular, the food for the Surbeck Dining was at least mostly edible.

However, this year I have found a decline in quality of the food. Do you agree with this or have you heard of those who also share my opinion?

Also, do the Miner Shack prices seem way too high for the amount/quality of food received?


Dear Anonymous,

I also was a first year student last year and I would agree with your initial statement. But your second statement is not quite right as there is a MASSIVE decline in the quality of the food (either that or I’m just older now and used to it). Some days, I’d rather not eat at all in the dining and go somewhere like Pancheros or Hardees and at least feel full and satisfied after spending $9+ in food.

Oh and your final statement is a definite truism as well. But at least I know what I’m getting is going to be fairly decent.

Dustin Johnson

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